Virginia “Pepperweed” Francis Irons-Phiffer

“Virginia pepperweed grows as a weed in most crops and is found in roadsides, landscapes and waste areas. It prefers sunny locales with dry soil.”

The laughing beet eater

Johnny Jump Up and hiccups

The wallet disassembler

The photo critic

The sunset pizza eater

The projector inspector

The wheelbarrow rider

The second Easter

Spying on Ziggy

Explaining how the phone works

Do you feel like a jumping bean?

Return of the panda pilot

What song comes next?

The panda pilot

The ring stacker

The macaroni and cheese eater

Window dancing

Plastic cups

Boots and phone

First leap day

Activity table


The pear eater

The ancestors’ bell

Presents from Maine

First Christmas present

The raspberry taster

The power of good food shared

Somewhere in Wisconsin

Spoon drummer

Bouncing and snoggers

First Saint Nicholas Day

The yogurt eater

Parmesan High Fives

The squash eater

Day 222

Talking in the high chair

Six months old today!

Day 149

Scarf muncher

Got all the rags

Chewing on Jungly Tails

Grabbing the rainbow ball

Captain wiggler

Finally got the time zone updated on the camera

Grabbing the green ball

Day 110

Saturday morning wiggles

Reclining in the Captain’s chair

Two different frustrating balls

Greetings from California

Playtime is serious business

Snoozing in Brooklyn

Wiggling on the grass

Day 63

Day 61

Day 59

So many toys

Back home and bouncing

We made it home from our first multi-day trip to Hamilton, NY.

Really moving that right leg

Yoga time

Just woke up

Wide eyed wiggler

Day 45

Yoga buddies

Hiccups and wiggles

An urgency that’s ongoing

Mostly sleeping

Snores and sleep smiles

Day 39

Bouncing with Grandpa Phiffer

Hello Grammy Phiffer

Music and bouncing

Day 35

Video chat

Tummy time

Physics for babies

Day 31

Day 30

New objects

Bounce and video chat

One month old! 🐷

Morning yoga

Day 26

First bottle feed

Kitchen urchin

Day 23

Facetime with Grammy and Grandpa Irons

Library nap

Three weeks old today! 🧁

Various states

Waking up

Day 18

Saturday Snoozing

A bit fussy

We call these arm movements “rock climbing.”

Almost nap time

How to care your cast iron pan, etc.

Rocking with grandpa

...and getting hungry.

Rug camo

Grammy time

Little bit of spit-up

David and Dory arrive

Taking over both floors of the apartment for now.

Quiet morning

Back to birth weight

Six pounds, twelve ounces on day 7.

Bouncing and shrieking

Hangry while waiting for lactation consultation.


Day 4

Welcome, Virginia Francis Irons-Phiffer 🐷